.cfheader { .inner_percentage.Libertarian { Baldwin is the junior senator from Wisconsin and is a Democrat. According to an Open Secrets report, Baldwin ranked among the top ten Senate candidates receiving out-of-state donations during the 2012 election cycle. Currently, the most liberal senator is Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren, who has a lifetime score of -.763. display: inline-block; text-align: center; The amendment proposed prohibiting "the President from waiving, suspending, reducing, providing relief from, or otherwise limiting the application of sanctions pursuant to an agreement related to the nuclear program of Iran. [128], On November 7, 2000, Tammy Baldwin won re-election to the United States House. Federal courts | vertical-align: middle; margin-top: 16px; font-size: 1.25em; Incumbent Tammy Baldwin, Scott Aubart, and Phillip Anderson are running in the general election for U.S. Senate Wisconsin on November 5, 2024. .widget-img { All rights reserved. Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin is questioning military officials about prescribed burns at Fort McCoy leading up to the outbreak of a 3,092-acre wildfire at the Monroe County base. .widget-row.Libertarian { The James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 (H.R. Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) Senator since 2013 Currently serving as Democratic Conference Secretary Offices Capitol Office Madison Office Eau Claire Office Green Bay Office La Crosse Office Ladysmith Office Milwaukee Office Address United States Senate 141 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510-4903 Phone 202-224-5653 .results_table { color: white; Contact our sales team. .results_text { .non_result_row { Tammy Baldwin, (born February 11, 1962, Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.), American politician who was elected as a Democrat to the U.S. Senate in 2012 and began representing Wisconsin in that body the following year; she was the first openly gay senator. All 44 Democrats, including Baldwin, voted against the resolution. a[aria-expanded=true] .fa-chevron-right { display: none; } United States Senate election in Wisconsin, 2018, United States Senate elections in Wisconsin, 2012, click here to fill out Ballotpedia's 2024 Candidate Connection survey, Strengthening Made In Wisconsin Manufacturing, Supporting Our Farmers and Rural Economies, Defending Our Great Lakes and Clean Water, Changes in Net Worth of U.S. Baldwin spent $9.85 per vote received in 2012. background-color: #db0000; On June 24, 2015, by a vote of 60-38, the Senate approved trade promotion authority (TPA) as part of HR 2146 - Defending Public Safety Employees' Retirement Act. After they retire (orlose) it will be much harder for their parties to compete there. twebb@AState.edu. background-color: black !important; .widget-row { She has served since Jan 3, 2013. color: #888; Tammy Webb Recycling/Waste Management Coordinator. Note: The finance data shown here comes from the disclosures required of candidates and parties. .leg-hnt-leadership > div { Party leaders focus more on setting their party's legislative priorties than . color: #888; The bill required a 3/5 majority vote in the Senate to invoke cloture and a 1/2 majority vote on passage. }) font-weight: bold; padding-bottom: 0px; Baldwin voted with 39 Democrats and two Independents against proceeding to the measure of disapproval. padding-left: 16px; Trade promotion authority The Extending Government Funding and Delivering Emergency Assistance Act (H.R. width: 43%; Former Representative Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin, 2nd) - Staff salaries from LegiStorm. She defeated Ron Greer (R) in the general election. 3076) was a bill passed by the 117th Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden (D) on April 6, 2022, that sought to address healthcare and retirement benefits for postal workers, allow USPS to provide certain nonpostal products and services, and expand service performance and budgetary reporting. }

font-size:1.2em; Baldwin voted with 30 other Democratic senators against the bill. [88] Baldwin voted with 43 Democrats, 18 Republicans and two independents in favor of the bill. 3755) was a bill passed by the House of Representatives. The most enduring Senate odd couple of recent decades was Democrat Tom Harkin and Republican Charles Grassley of Iowa, who served together for 28 years. They ended their relationship in 2010. Most Democrats supported the nomination, while Republicans were somewhat divided with roughly one-third supporting the nomination.[108]. 		margin-bottom: 4px; 		margin-bottom: -2px !important;    .external_links_table { width: auto !important; } She received $4,564,389, or 72.7%, of her donations from outside of Wisconsin. 			} Tammy Moore; Ashley Paschal; Teresa Patrick; Kim Phillips; 1; 2; We weren't able to find anything that matched your search criteria. As fewer voters split their tickets or cross over to vote for candidates in the opposing party, more states and districts vote the same way for Congress as they do for president. She was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1992 to 1998. [78][79][80], On November 10, 2015, the Senate passed S 1356 - the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 by a vote of 91-3. 		font-weight: bold; 		float: left; 20510-4906 . 	} Baldwin was one of seven members of the Senate who ranked 5th in the liberal rankings in 2013.[150]. Baldwin voted for theInfrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 	color: white; [81][82] Baldwin voted with 41 Democrats, 48 Republicans and one independent in favor of the bill. clearInterval(nTimer); No openings at this time. .widget-row.value-only.black { 2471) was a bill passed by the 117th Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden (D) on March 15, 2022, providing for the funding of federal agencies for the remainder of 2022, providing funding for activities related to Ukraine, and modifying or establishing various programs. Baldwin voted with the Democratic Party for the bill. $('.pastResponses').hide(); Senator from Wisconsin under the Democrats since 2013. 		background-color: #003388; She has generally won elections by wide margins. } During that re-election cycle, Baldwin's campaign committee raised a total of $1,194,114 and spent $1,081,311.[138]. The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022 (H.R. The only concession made by Senate Democrats was to require income verification for Obamacare subsidies. Since 1947, there is only one pair of same-state senators that had more divergent voting records than Baldwin and Johnson of Wisconsin and Wellstone and Grams of Minnesota: Democrat Glen Taylor and Republican Henry Dworshak, two Idaho senators who served together in the late 1940s. })(); See also: Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection. 		background-color: #f4f4f4;  [123] The seat was rated a toss-up. [114], During the shutdown in October 2013, the Senate rejected, down party lines, every House-originated bill that stripped the budget of funding for the Affordable Care Act. 

} font-size: 2em; Baldwin voted with the Democratic Party in favor of the bill. .results_row.winner { } Continue with Recommended Cookies. Staff Directory Administration & Front Office; Building Services - Energy Management - MEP .cftable { In the proud tradition of . [151], Baldwin voted with the Democratic Party 96.3 percent of the time, which ranked 14th among the 52 Senate Democratic members as of June 2013. .cftable th { To view the breakdown of campaign funding by type click [show] to expand the section. At the start of the session, Democrats held the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives (222-213), and the U.S. Senate had a 50-50 makeup. The proposal seeks to restore state authority over wolf management . display: inline-block; .widget-row.Independent, .widget-row.Nonpartisan, .widget-row.Constitution { .contact_office { margin-top: 0.3em; margin-bottom: 0em;margin-right: 0.5em;} 2,679 Following. In fact, Manchin and Sinema are the two Democrats holding out against the desire of most of their colleagues in their party to get rid of the filibuster rule. It does not provide budget authority, which is provided in subsequent appropriations legislation." } width: 57%; There have been well over 100 distinct pairs of same-state senators from different parties serving together over the past four decades. Two are somewhat competitive but advantage one party: Ohio and Maine. border: 1px solid #a2a9b1 !important; The Women's Health Protection Act of 2021 (H.R. It consists of two different metrics: Based on congressional financial disclosure forms and calculations made available by OpenSecrets.org, Baldwin's net worth as of 2012 was estimated between $517,004 to $1,080,000. padding-bottom: 8px; .votebox-covid-disclaimer { Baldwin won election to the U.S. Senate in 2012. } We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. .inner_percentage.Green { } Baldwin was born in Madison and attended Madison West High School. }) The House passed HR 1295 the following day, on June 25, 2015, and both TPA and TAA were signed into law on June 29, 2015. [112] The omnibus package included 12 annual spending bills to fund federal operations. The vote largely followed party lines with Democrats overwhelmingly supporting it and many Republicans in opposition to the bill. display: flex; color:white; Since then, she has continually held seats in the state Assembly, U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. font-size: 110%; } Candidates from all 50 states completed the survey. Incumbent Tammy Baldwin defeated Leah Vukmir in the general election for U.S. Senate Wisconsin on November 6, 2018.

} We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. .widget-row.Democratic { .race_footer { State legislature | Baldwin ranked as the 70th most wealthy senator in 2012. left: 0; text-align: left !important; Of those six states (Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Maine, West Virginia, Ohio and Montana), none have a pair of senators as far apart politically as Johnson and Baldwin. display: block; Please try a new search. -- Tamara "Tammy" Johnson (architectural engineering '91) is president of Merrick & Co. and a structural engineer.

width: 100%; Feedback can be submitted on Baldwin's. [4], Below is an abbreviated outline of Baldwin's academic, professional, and political career:[5], Baldwin was assigned to the following committees:[Source], .subcommittee { } She has been serving as a junior U.S. } She defeated Peter Theron (R) in the general election. Collins, Murkowski, Manchin and Tester are all part of the bipartisan Senate group that just announced an infrastructure deal with President Joe Biden. The bill required President Barack Obama to submit the details of the nuclear deal with Iran for congressional review. line-height: 1.5em; $('#candidate-connection-email-194217').on('click', () => { ga('send', 'event', 'surveycta', 'surveycta-click-email'); }); [129], On November 3, 1998, Tammy Baldwin won election to the United States House. Baldwin twice voted to convict Donald Trump after the former president was impeached by the House of Representatives. .leg-hnt-section-title { Our Staff; District CIP Plans; Policies & Procedures; Updates; Departments" . height: 50px; color:white !important; It just required some modest political shifts from one cycle to another, and for both politicians torun effective campaigns (as Johnson did in 2010 and 2016 and Baldwin did in 2012 and 2018, when she won reelection by double-digits). Baldwin voted with 13 Democrats, six Republicans and one independent against the bill. Baldwin's campaign website stated the following: Tammy Baldwin is doing right by Wisconsin and she is standing shoulder to shoulder with working families. She won a second term in 2018, defeating Republican Leah Vukmir by 11 points. margin-bottom: 1px; column-rule: 1px solid #aaa; .votebox_legend { You have to go all the way back to the 1990s to find a truly comparable pairing: Minnesota Democrat Paul Wellstone, routinely rated as the most liberal member of the Senate, and the very conservative Minnesota Republican Rod Grams. .panel-heading:hover { cursor: pointer;} color: white; As primary election dates are published, this information will be updated.
font-size:1.2em;  Most Baldwin voters in Wisconsin would probably vote to replace Ron Johnson. [83] On November 5, 2015, the House passed the bill by a vote of 370-58, and President Barack Obama signed it into law on November 25, 2015. [84], On June 18, 2015, the Senate passed HR 1735 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 by a vote of 71-25. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. 		padding-left: 8px; If a state favorsRepublicans, it might elect a moderate Democrat but probably not a liberal Democrat. 	} [75][76][77], On May 5, 2015, the Senate voted to approve SConRes11, a congressional budget proposal for fiscal year 2016, by a vote of 51-48. How to vote | monica_sundal@baldwin.senate.gov: Ben Thomas: Staff Assistant: Staff Assistant: Capitol Office: 120 Constitution Avenue, NE Washington, DC. $('.showResponses').on('click', () => { 		position: absolute; She defeated Chad Lee (R) in the general election. 	clear: both; 	} 538 job history records for people in our database. [106] The Senate confirmed 13,949 out of 18,323 executive nominations received (76.1 percent). She subsequently started private practice from 1989 to 1992.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[970,250],'contactsenators_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',105,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-contactsenators_com-medrectangle-4-0'); Kindly note that the reviews may take a minute to load due to overwhelming comments on certain senators.We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing your thoughts. Johnson used to rank inthe top 10 among conservative senators, but more junior Republicans whove joined the Senate in recent years have been further to the right,pushingJohnson down thelist. 		if (document.getElementById('leg-hnt-content6450d1854e912').classList.contains('leg-hnt-hide')) { .widget-value { 			overflow-x: scroll; Baldwin maintains offices in Eau Claire, Milwaukee, Madison, La Crosse, Green Bay, Ashland and Washington, D.C. margin-bottom:0px; The purpose of the bill was to temporarily suspend the debt ceiling and withhold the pay of members of Congress until a budget could be passed. 	} LegiStorm is constantly adding new information on the people, places and reports in our database. By comparison, there are 60members separating Pennsylvanias two senators, 44 separating Ohios, 38 separating Montanas, only three separating Maines, and three separating West Virginias. 	margin-bottom: 0; 		padding-bottom: 8px; Margaret, Denise and. The Chips and Science Act (H.R. 		font-weight: 500; 		float: right; width: 50%; There is anelement of happenstancein the history of Senate odd couples. 			.votebox-scroll-container { 	} $('.showResponses').show(); 	font-weight: bold; [73][74] The bill also included a statement of trade priorities and provisions for trade adjustment assistance. Out of the 6,087 respondents, 1,101 won their election. No phone calls please. Senators and Representatives (Personal Gain Index), Net worth of United States Senators and Representatives, The Donation Concentration Metric (U.S. Congress Personal Gain Index), GovTrack's Political Spectrum & Legislative Leadership ranking, Lifetime voting records of United States Senators and Representatives, Staff salaries of United States Senators and Representatives, Congressional Net Worth data for Ballotpedia spreadsheet, https://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Tammy_Baldwin&oldid=9127693, 1998 congress general election boxes, Wisconsin, Conflicts in school board elections, 2021-2022, Special Congressional elections (2023-2024), 2022 Congressional Competitiveness Report, State Executive Competitiveness Report, 2022, State Legislative Competitiveness Report, 2022, Partisanship in 2022 United States local elections, The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 (S. 1605) was a bill passed by the 117th Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden (D) on December 27, 2021, authorizing. 	background-color: green; 	} She was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1992 to 1998. Baldwin listed some of her campaign issues on her website:[133], Baldwin endorsed Joe Biden (D) in the 2020 presidential election. 		margin-bottom: .75em; 	} 	} .widget-row.Green { 		background-color: #db0000; 	} Thirty years ago, there were 21 such states. And two are lopsidedly Republican: Montana and West Virginia. 

} Everybody else sits between them politically. font-weight: bold; [72], On May 22, 2015, the Senate passed HR 1314, which was used as a legislative vehicle for trade legislation with the titles "Trade Act of 2015" and the "Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015," by a vote of 62-37. the push for codifying same-sex and interracial marriage, defeating Republican Leah Vukmir by 11 points, Baldwin twice voted to convict Donald Trump, createacommission to study the Capitol riots, Not every Packers fan in Wisconsin can watch all the games, but Sen. Tammy Baldwin is trying to change that, Tammy Baldwin decries proposed federal abortion ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. She is committed to working with both parties to strengthen Wisconsins manufacturing and reduce the tax burden on small businesses so that they can continue to create jobs and drive our economy forward. Tammy Baldwin did not complete Ballotpedia's 2024 Candidate Connection survey. .non_result_row th { Before exploring those factors, lets take a closer look at the history of Senate odd couples and what makes this one so exceptional. The bill required a 3/5 majority vote in the Senate to invoke cloture and a 1/2 majority vote on passage. } width: 35px !important; display: block; WASHINGTON - Sen. Tammy Baldwin said Friday she is disciplining her chief of staff and two other aides for failing to take appropriate action on complaints about improper care of veterans at the . Using the rankings, there are 80senators who currently sit between these two Wisconsinites on the ideological spectrum. Comparatively, the 113th Congress had 1.3 percent of introduced bills enacted into law in the first session. border-bottom: 1px solid #aaa; 4346) was a bill approved by the 117th Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden (D) on August 9, 2022, which sought to fund domestic production of semiconductors and authorized various federal science agency programs and activities. Campaign finance data from elections may be incomplete. .electionsectionheading { The Personal Gain Index (U.S. Congress) is a two-part measurement that illustrates the extent to which members of the U.S. Congress have prospered during their tenure as public servants. To answer that, I relied on a rating system widely used by political scientists. [134], Baldwin endorsed Hillary Clinton (D) in the 2016 presidential election. This makes Baldwin and Johnson arguably one of the top three Senate odd couples of the 75-year post-war era. display: block; [110] Baldwin joined with 46 other Democratic senators in favor of the bill. margin: 0px 10px; display: inline-block; font-weight: bold; .race_header.green { Her current term ends on January 3, 2025. In Wisconsin, however, it hasn'trequired a ton of crossover voting to send both Johnson and Baldwin to the Senate. $4.5 million was spent on ads about Democratic candidate Baldwin. The bill was passed by the Senate on February 12, 2013, with a vote of 78 - 22. United States Senate is part of the Federal industry, and located in North Carolina, United States. I think this is going to be increasingly rare to have this kind of divergence between two (same-state) senators, said UW's Canon. TPA, also known as fast track authority, allows the president to negotiate trade deals that cannot be amended by Congress. font-weight: bold; } overflow: hidden; } From 1997-2014, 17.82 percent of Baldwin's career contributions came from the top five industries as listed below. Ken Reidy has been working as a Chief of Staff (U.S. [148], According to an analysis by CNN, Baldwin was one of nearly 25 percent of House members who gave their staff bonuses in 2012. } If you are Tammy Baldwin, click here to fill out Ballotpedia's 2024 Candidate Connection survey. } The ABC Unified School District is known throughout the State of California as a leader in educational planning and innovation. position: absolute; She is also Senate Democratic Conference Secretary, a party leadership role. The average U.S. House of Representatives congressional staff was paid $954,912.20 in fiscal year 2011. .cfheader.green { [117], Baldwin voted for S.47 -- Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013. [100][101], On October 27, 2015, the Senate passed S 754 - the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 by a vote of 74-21. The most conservative senator is first-year Alabama RepublicanTommy Tuberville, who has ascore of .936. Depending on the election or state, this may represent only a portion of all the funds spent on their behalf. 2775 was 81-18, with all 18 votes against the bill from Republican members. The nomination was confirmed by the Senate on March 7, 2013, with a vote of 63 - 34. She ran unopposed in the Democratic primary on August 14, 2012. .race_header { vertical-align: top; 0:27 WASHINGTON - In her quest to pass historic and career-defining legislation, Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin has the most basic of American ideals in mind: a family. Tammy will sit down with anyone, no matter their party, and shell take on anyone, no matter how powerful, if it means getting the job done for Wisconsinites. [125], On November 7, 2006, Tammy Baldwin won re-election to the United States House. Whether you use these ideological scores or their left-to-right rankings, Baldwin and Johnson are easily the Senates leading odd couple (as they are by other rating systems besides this one). font-weight: 300; She has spoken openly about her mother, who struggled with opioid addiction and mental health. The list also includes some previous Wisconsin pairings: Democrat Bill Proxmire and Republican Bob Kasten, who served together from 1981 to 1989, and Democrat Herb Kohl and Republican Johnson, who served together in 2011 and 2012. With the polarization of our politics, there are fewer states in which you have truly competitive elections at the state level, said political scientist David Canon, a congressional scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. [116], Baldwin voted against Senate Amendment 1197 -- Requires the Completion of the Fence Along the United States-Mexico Border. Baldwinis now one of two openly LGBTQpeople in the Senate, along with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz). We identified the key votes below using Congress' top-viewed bills list and through marquee coverage of certain votes on Ballotpedia. Wendy Baldwin Library, Delta Center & Math Barbara Barlow Library, Delta Center & Math . 350) was a bill passed by the House of Representatives and voted down by the Senate in a failed cloture vote that sought to expand the availability and reporting of information about domestic terrorism, enhance the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) ability to prosecute domestic terrorism, among other things. "[104] Baldwin voted with 41 Democrats, one Republican and two Independents against proceeding to the bill. breaking news knoxville, tn, impact of industrial revolution on globalization,
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